Gus Ross pic 2.jpg

Gus Ross      Managing Partner

Gus has an integral role in all leadership decisions and uses his extensive experience in the real estate management industry as well as construction to lead the teams. He is responsible for the identifying and positioning of our properties. Gus has started several tech and media companies and brings a unique strategy to the real estate industry. 



Chris Behne      Managing Partner

Chris is responsible for a variety of roles including asset acquisition and overseeing the property management team. He takes a hands on management approach to the operations. Chris arrived at Ownup Capital after a successful entrepreneurial career in a diverse group of industries. After starting Gulfstream Global, an international distribution company, Chris started his real estate career 15 years ago by becoming a licensed real estate agent. He acquired and operated a chain of nationally franchised auto repair stores where he gained expertise in real estate site selection and learned the value of predicting demographic and economic shifts in different markets.